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Tourism consultant eyes Guelph as a destination

Guelph’s tourism industry is set to get a boost with help from an internationally recognized travel-and-tourism consulting firm based in Vancouver.

“What an opportunity for Guelph,” Mayor Cam Guthrie told Monday’s council meeting. “I think Guelph is poised very well for tourism and the economic development that comes from tourism opportunities.”
Regional Tourism Organization Four Inc., one of Ontario’s 13 regional tourism offices, has committed up to $170,000 to aid Guelph’s new tourism project and pay for the services of the Vancouver consultant, InterVISTAS. Convincing this consultant to focus on Guelph was “quite a coup,” RTO4 Inc.’s CEO, David Peacock, told council.

The DestinationNEXT tourism initiative that InterVISTAS is bringing to Guelph aims to “provide practical, clear actions and strategies for success in a dramatically changing tourism world,” said Colleen Clack, the city’s general manager of culture, tourism and community investment.

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