Just In Time For Winter, Liberal Government Allows Peak Electricity Prices To Rise By Almost 9%

electricity After just raising our electricity prices in MAY of this year, prepare yourself for more bad news. On November 1st rates are going up again.

On peak energy rates in the morning from 7am to 11am (when we all get up, cook breakfast, shower and turn the furnace up) and from 5pm to 7pm (when we get home, cook meals and turn the furnace back up) will be going up to 17.5 cents per kWh! That’s an increase of almost 9%! Mid and Off-Peak rates will also be rising.

According to a Globe and Mail article: “Premier Kathleen Wynne and her government have been on the defensive about electricity prices. There was a rate hike in May, which raised consumers’ hydro bills by nearly $6 a month. Ms. Wynne’s government also announced in its spring budget that it is selling 60 per cent of Hydro One to help pay for new transit and infrastructure. This has raised fears that private ownership will cause prices to go even higher.”

I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m tired of hearing “Consumers can shift their energy use to off-peak and install energy efficient light bulbs to save money”. I’ve shifted everything I can to off-peak. Every light in my house is either a compact fluorescent or LED light bulb. My house is well insulated and all my appliances are relatively new. We only do laundry or dishes after 7pm or on weekends.

There’s simply nothing more I can do to shift my energy usage.

At some point in time we have to start making more noise about the failed Liberal energy policies that have brought us to this point. Residential consumers are being squeezed and Large Businesses may relocate outside of Ontario because of energy costs.

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Kevin Johnson

Kevin is a local business owner in Puslinch.

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