Convicted Sex Offender Christopher Watts *Not* Moving To Puslinch

Christopher Watts A collective sigh of relief should be heard from the residents of Puslinch as PuslinchToday has learned that convicted sex offender Christopher Watts has NOT returned to Puslinch after his release from his 12 year prison sentence this month.

If you recall, Mr. Watts was designated as a long-term offender which basically means everyone expects him to reoffend. Why he is allowed to be out of prison in the first place is something that should be examined, given the parole board themselves feel he is a “high risk for violent and sexually violent reoffending despite completion of some programming”.

Watts has relocated to Vanvouver, B.C. and will apparently under long-term ‘supervision’ with the following conditions:

  • not to consume, purchase or possess alcohol or illegal drugs
  • not to own, use or possess a computer or any device that would allow access to the internet
  • not to be in the presence of any female children under the age of 18 unless accompanied by a responsible adult who knows his criminal history and has been approved by his parole supervisor
  • report all friendships, sexual relationships and intimate relationships with women
My hope to the residents of Vancouver is that he will be well supervised and that even the most minor of infractions will be reported and land him back in prison.

(click here for our previous article detailing Christopher Watts’ crime and pending release)

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