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Today in History: Puslinch Lake News, March 25 1890


March 25, 1890

The Literary and Debating Society intend holding a grand entertainment in their hall in a short

time. The proceeds of the entertainment will go towards repairing the Society’s rooms.

A number of the farmers are busy manufacturing molasses and maple sugar.

The assessor has gone his rounds and people wonder how it is that some farmers are assessed

the same as last year and others have thie assessment increased one thousand dollars.

We want to know why the statute labour of lot 10, front of 3rd concession, lots 10, front and rear of

the 2nd and lot 11, rear of 2nd is put on the good Accomodation Road to Hespeler, when the side

road between those lots is impassable and will remain so for years to come, except some 2nd or 3rd

line man gets into the Council and reforms it.

John Cunningham of Hespeler, who has gone extensively into the shipping of turnips the past

winter, is negotiating at present with a New York firm for the shipment of several more cars.

Mr. J. B. Cober has purchased a very fine Jersey bull and intends to make a specialty of that kind

of stock in the future.

A lively time is expected at Puslinch Lake this season. Mr. Reid Baker of Hespeler intends

operating the old Parks’ hotel.

Before surveying the Guelph-Arthur Railroad to Hamilton, we would suggest a line by way of

Hespeler and Puslinch Lake to be more satisfactory than by Morriston, as there is actually more

business done in those former places than all the villages between Guelph and Hamilton.