Morriston Streetscaping Work To Start May 25th

We have been advised by the township that the phase 1 work for the ‘Morriston Streetscaping’ project will begin on May 25. It is anticipated that work will be completed by June 10.

There will be intermittent stoppages of traffic during the work so be sure to give yourself a little extra time when planning your day if travelling through this area.

What is the ‘Morriston Streetscaping’ Project?

The township has been issued a permit by the Ministry of Transportation to implement a Morriston Streetscaping Plan. This plan basically means the township will be planting trees and greenery along highway 6 in Morriston in an attempt to ‘calm traffic’ through the area.

An lot of money has been spent on this project, by the time it is complete it will be well upwards of $100,000. Phase 1 will be completed this year with other phases deferred after this year’s budget. (see budget article re this plan here)

The Township has received an estimate from its consultant that annual maintenance costs of the project will be approximately $2,000 per year (it was unclear in the document but I am assuming this cost is just for the phase 1 work).

To the best of my knowledge this spending plan was not revisited after the highway 6 bypass approval announcement from the province. Maybe it should have been.


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