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Breaking News: Michael Chong Officially Announces Campaign To Become Conservative Leader

Michael Chong, our local M.P. for the riding of Wellington – Halton Hills has just announced at a press conference in Ottawa that he will be running to be the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. This will be a long campaign for Mr. Chong as the leadership vote will not be held until May of 2017.

Here is the official press release (an official, downloadable version is available at the bottom of the article):


Michael Chong Launches Campaign to be Conservative Leader

Chong’s campaign will be about attracting new people to the Conservative Party and about
putting forward new and ambitious policies based on conservative principles

Michael Chong

Michael Chong, MP for Wellington-Halton Hills, today announced that he is running to
be leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.

“I’m running because it’s time for new leadership for Canada. It’s time to attract new people to
the Conservative Party. It’s time to tell our story of why the Conservatives are the party for
people’s hopes and aspirations,” Chong said.

Chong spoke about his family’s story of immigration to Canada. His father was a Chinese
immigrant from Hong Kong and his mother was a Dutch immigrant from the Netherlands. Both
his father and mother’s family were defended and liberated by Canadian soldiers during the
Second World War – his father during the Battle of Hong Kong and his mother’s family during
the liberation of the Netherlands.

“My family would not be here today, were it not for the sacrifices made by Canadian soldiers,”
said Chong. “And that’s the reason I’m running to be leader – to give back to this country that
has given me and my family everything.”

“I’m the kid of immigrant parents,” said Chong. “My family’s story is one people immediately
understand because it’s the story of millions of Canadians. It’s a story of hard work and
perseverance. It’s a Canadian story and it’s a Conservative story. It is by telling these stories
that we will renew and strengthen the Conservative Party.”

Chong also spoke about the need to put forward new and ambitious policies based on
conservative principles. Principles such as a belief

  • in balanced budgets, lower taxes and the efficient delivery of government services,
  • in the power of free markets and free trade,
  • that at the root of what it means to be a conservative is to conserve our environment,
  • in individual liberty, and the need to protect citizens from an overly intrusive state, and
  • in democratic reform to curb the power of the PMO and party leaders to control MPs.

Chong is a Conservative MP from Ontario, elected five times in the riding of Wellington-Halton
Hills. He married Carrie Davidson, and they have three boys: William, Alistair and Cameron.
They live on a farm in Wellington County just outside of Fergus, Ontario.

More information regarding Chong’s campaign can be found at www.chong.ca


[View the original press release by clicking here]