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Canada Day Greetings From Ted Arnott

Ted Arnott MPP
Ted Arnott, MPP

By Ted Arnott, MPP.

On July 1st, we celebrate Canada’s 149th birthday: our proud history and heritage, our
people, and all that we have accomplished and built together.

Carving out a nation on the northern portion of the continent, our climate helped to
nurture a desire for collective well-being, not just individual success.

While we will always have our differences, Canadians have lived together side by side,
coast to coast to coast, in relative harmony. 

Our individual freedoms are spelled out in our Charter of Rights, and they are implicitly
balanced with our collective responsibility to give back. 

We have our democratic political institutions which seek fairness, and our legal system
which seeks justice: the rule of law, not the rule of man. 

Peace, order, and if not always good government, at least government we can change
when necessary through a free election.

Our talented artists have nourished a distinct Canadian culture.

In the realm of sport, we are ferociously competitive, but we play by the rules.

From abroad, observers see in us a compassionate spirit of community and tolerance.

Canada is viewed as a beacon of light and hope in an increasingly troubled world.
May we always be so blessed.


June is one of the busiest months in any Member of Provincial Parliament’s calendar.

In recent weeks, I was glad to be invited to attend numerous public events. 

Since writing my column last month, I was able to make it to the Georgetown Kiwanis
Club Lobsterfest, the Norval United Church Chicken Barbeque, the Georgetown Lions
Club 85th Anniversary dinner, two Lions Club Walks for Dog Guides in Erin and Fergus,
the Georgetown and Acton ALS Walk, a Duff’s Presbyterian Church ‎community
fundraising dinner, the University of Guelph’s Alumni Awards of Excellence, Nexans of
Fergus 50th anniversary, the Georgetown Highland Games, “Doors Open” in Erin, the
197 Royal Canadian Air Cadet Typhoon Squadron inspection at the Acton Legion,
Acton’s David Dills’ 90th birthday celebration, the University of Guelph’s Summer
Convocation, a Township of Puslinch Council meeting, the Halton Hills Sports Museum
and Resource Centre’s 2016 Hall of Fame induction, the County of Wellington’s
Cottontail Road Trail opening, the Confederation Club’s 40th anniversary lunch, the
KidsAbility Annual General Meeting (AGM), the Groves Memorial Community Hospital
AGM, the Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce AGM, Royal Terrace’s Strawberry
Social, a Habitat for Humanity/Community Living North Halton event in Acton, the
reopening of the Red Door Gallery in Georgetown, and the County of Wellington Taste
Real Local Food Fest in Guelph/Eramosa Township.

As you can see, our Riding is strengthened by amazing and dynamic community
organizations. That’s also something worth celebrating on Canada Day.

A cynic might suggest I’ve been doing nothing more than eating my way across
Wellington-Halton Hills, and I must admit my constituents do keep me very well fed!

Still, attending community events like these allows me to keep in touch and hear about
what’s happening in our area, and acknowledge and express my appreciation to the
extraordinary volunteers who make our local community organizations work.

To everyone involved, please accept my heartfelt thanks.

Happy Canada Day!


Wellington-Halton Hills MPP Ted Arnott welcomes your comments. He can be reached
at 1-800- 265-2366. His website address is www.tedarnottmpp.com