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Council authorizes 40% fee reduction for fundraiser

Whistle Stop Preschool

by Mike Robinson.

ABERFOYLE – Puslinch councillors authorized a 40 per cent fee reduction for the Whistle Stop Cooperative Preschool to hold a dance fundraiser on Feb. 25 at the Puslinch Community Centre.

On Feb. 15 councillors reviewed Nicole Skrt’s request for council to waive the fee.

Skrt described the Whistle Stop Cooperative Preschool as the only family-oriented, community-based preschool of its kind serving Puslinch and surrounding areas.

Since 1987, operating out of the Puslinch Community Centre, it has provided a program that uses imaginative play, creativity, and hands-on activities to expose children to educational experiences that will develop their natural curiosity and love of learning, Skrt wrote.

She added that proceeds from the fundraising event help to subsidize children’s tuition, purchase new toys/equipment, as well as fund field trips, professional development, and other programs for community improvement.

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