Potluck Lunch at the Puslinch Community Centre

It was rainy and wet outside on Wednesday, Oct 4 but inside the PCC it was filled with laughter, friends and food. Lots and lots of food. For over 20 years the Morriston United Church congregation has been arranging for seniors of the community to meet and greet each other over a potluck lunch. At first, it was held in the church basement but grew quickly to more then about 40 guests. The need was to have an accessible washroom and a large space with a kitchen. Of course, the PCC met this need and also had lots of parking. On average there are 80 guests for the luncheons who come from a variety of locations.

These senior event happenings are the first Wednesday of every April, June, Oct and December. I hear that at the December luncheon Elvis will be in the building!

Puslinch Potluck The above members are part of the mission/outreach group. From left to right are Mary Beth, Deb D, Debbie H, Chris and Sandra.

Puslinch Potluck A traditional potluck has everyone that comes bring a dish to share. In this photo, Mary Beth Sutton is helping Betty MacDonald with her choices.

Puslinch Potluck Etta Vandenheuvel and Ev Winer are waiting for their table to be called.

Puslinch Potluck Joe Haskell and John Gilmour didn’t mind being interrupted for a picture.

Puslinch Potluck Cheryl MacLean and Kate Sutton had a hard time displaying all the food that was brought in. Yes, it was yummy!

Puslinch Potluck Entertainment is always provided and the Light Shine singers did not disappoint. There were many Canadian songs sang to continue the 150th celebration. It reminded Kate and I of our days attending our local Brownie and Girl Guide groups.

Puslinch Potluck Marg Mackay and Maryann Hohenadel would like to let you know that the next luncheon will be on Wed. Dec. 6th at 11:30. It is a fully served at the table turkey dinner with all the fixings. The tickets are $15 a piece and all proceeds go to local charities. The committee printed 100 and there are approximately 20 left. If you would like to go please contact Mary Beth Sutton at 519-822-6211. See you there!

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