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Clarifying The Swastika Trail Vote

Over the last two days I have read three different media reports, each stating a different Puslinch Councillor was the one who voted to change the name of Swastika Trail on Wednesday night. After sorting through the mis-information it appears that CBC got it right, and it was Councillor John Sepulis who was the lone vote for change, with all other Councillors and the Mayor voting to retain the name Swastika Trail.

According to the CBC:

John Sepulis was the one councillor who voted in favour of a name change.

“This issue has caused a lot of strife in the community and it’s going to continue to do so as long as the name swastika is associate with what it is today,” Councillor John Sepulis told CBC News.

“I don’t want this issue to cast a dark shadow on Puslinch,” he added.

Read the full CBC article by clicking here.