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Garden Days At Aberfoyle Farmers Market

For the next 2 weekends, May 26 and June 2, Aberfoyle Farmers Market will be open at the Puslinch arena. Garden Days is the theme and you will find flowers and vegetables for planting in your gardens. There will also be gorgeous hanging baskets available to beautify any home. Also, Puslinch Naturally Native Trees will be there with pollinator plants.

The spotlight, for today, for pollinator plants is the white turtlehead plant. It is the only larval plant for the beautiful Baltimore Checkerspot butterfly. This is a very uncommon butterfly for Ontario since there is little turtlehead to lay its eggs on. But, for the first time ever we have caterpillars on our plants here at the nursery. The only other place that I know that has a wild population of these butterflies is the RaRe nature reserve by the Grand River.

We will be bringing turtlhead plants to the market for the next 2 weeks to encourage people to grow this gorgeous plant and help these butterflies. If you go hunting at your local nursery for this plant be sure to get WHITE turtlehead and not pink – it really does make a difference to the caterpillars.

Baltimore Checkerspot butterfly