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Dapper Donkeys: Sanctuary Fights Flies With Tailored Trousers

via ctvnews.ca

donkey pants (CTVnews.ca)
Sheila Zanyk, a volunteer at The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada in Puslinch, Ont., watches a donkey named Big Ben enjoy a pair of tailored trousers. (CTV Kitchener)

A trio of trend-setting donkeys at a southwestern Ontario animal sanctuary are turning heads with their farm-fresh fashion.

“That donkey is wearing pants!” a young visitor to The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada told CTV Kitchener. “But I thought donkeys wouldn’t like pants?”
Well, it turns out they do.

It all began with a donkey named Big Ben, one of 86 rescue animals at the Puslinch, Ont. sanctuary.
For years, Big Ben had been battling bug bites…

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