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Marion Helps Solve Bird Mystery


I have a question for Marion. I have a small bird nesting in my birdhouse. It has a very small, canary-like body but it is brown with a buff underside., very plain, no bars or stripes. It has a beautiful song but I only see/hear it in the morning.

It’s very shy so although I have a picture, I had to take use telephoto and take it at a distance. I’m sorry for the quality but hopefully you can see enough of the size and colour to recognize the species.

I have been through my Peterson guide, and googled the heck out of it but I just can’t find an answer to what kind of bird it is.

I hope you can help. 🙂


dear marion
dear marion

Hi Mary
I am going to take a guess because the pic you sent was not clear enough to see the bird. House wrens love to nest in our birdhouses and they do have beautiful songs. They are quite plain birds and flit around making it hard to see them clearly. Please try taking more photos and we will figure this out.
Check house wren in your bird guide and let me know what you think.

Yours in conservation

Marion Robertson

Definitely, it is a house wren. As the days go by we’ve been able to get closer to it and I did notice some barring on its lower back and wings. I am so happy to have this mystery solved!

Thank you Marion, you’re awesome!