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List Of Candidates For The 2018 Puslinch Municipal Elections

All nominations for the 2018 municipal elections have now been filed. There are two candidates for the position of Mayor, five candidates to fill four Puslinch Councillor positions and only one candidate for the position of Wellington County Councillor.

More information about the election can be found on the Puslinch Township website here.

Candidates for Mayor

Dennis Lever

6834 Wellington Rd 34
Puslinch ON
N3C 2V4

[email protected] 519-2201593

Nomination Filed: May 1, 2018

James Seeley

24 Back Street
Morriston ON
N0B 2C0

[email protected] 519-760-9190 

Nomination Filed: May 28, 2018

Candidates for Puslinch Councillor

Ken Roth

7297 Calfass Rd
Puslinch ON
N0B 2J0

[email protected] 519-763-7839

Nomination Filed: May 1, 2018

John Sepulis

4476 Sideroad 20 N
Puslinch ON
N1H 6J3

[email protected] 519-239-7467

Nomination Filed: May 1, 2018

Matthew Bulmer

4535 Watson Rd S Puslinch ON N0B2J0 

[email protected] 519-823-1695

Nomination Filed: July 24, 2018

Steve Dorgo

3972 Sideroad 20 S Puslinch ON N0B 2J0

[email protected] 519-807-9635

Nomination Filed: July 26, 2018

Jessica Goyda

859 Watson Road S Puslinch ON N0B 1C0

[email protected] 519-820-7780

Nomination Filed: July 27, 2018

Candidates for County Councillor – Ward 7

Don McKay

84 Queen St
Puslinch ON
N0B 2J0

[email protected] 519-822-2984

Nomination Filed: May 2, 2018

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