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Puslinch Voter Notification Cards Are On The Way


Voter Notification Cards

The Township of Puslinch sends Voter Notification Cards to each household for each
Eligible Elector. Cards are expected to arrive by mail during the week of September
. Each Eligible Voter on the Voters’ List will receive a Voter Notification Card by
mail. The Voter Notification Card(s) will identify the voter, the Poll in which they live and
the voting location which identifies where and when they can vote.

You can vote in a municipal election (as an eligible elector) if, on voting day you are:

  • a resident of the Township of Puslinch, an owner or tenant of land in the
    Township of Puslinch, or the spouse of such an owner or tenant; and
  • a Canadian citizen; and
  • at least 18 years old; and
  • not prohibited from voting by law.

Eligible Electors within the Township of Puslinch who are not on the Voters’ List will not
receive a card. Any Eligible Elector who is not on the Voters’ List is encouraged to
come to the Township Office to register and receive voting information. Eligible Electors
may also be added to the Voters’ List after completing an application to amend the
Voters List at their assigned voting location.

Please be advised that you must bring acceptable identification with you to vote such as
your Driver’s licence or photo Health Card (name and address printed on the card).
For further information please visit the Township’s website at www.puslinch.ca or call

The Township of Puslinch is committed to providing accessible formats and
communication supports for people with a disability. If another format would work better
for you, please contact 519-763-1226 x 207 or [email protected]

Puslinch Township