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Interested In Learning About Pickleball?

By Margaret Hauwert

On any given Wednesday afternoon in the month of October you will hear clapping, hollering, laughter and the yelling of the word “pickle”. This excitement happens in the ORC gym from 1:30 to 3:30 (situated by the library) in the village of Aberfoyle.

There you will meet interested players who are: new to the game, people who have played a few games and a few seasoned players. The one thing that everyone has in common is finding like minded individuals who want to stay active. Any age is invited to try out this popular game.

Who knew what damage could be done with a whiffle ball, a wide paddle (similar to a ping pong one), a shorter net than tennis and a good pair of running shoes could do.

This volunteer run group is lucky because:

  1. The Optimist of Puslinch donated money to buy equipment and pay for a months rental of the gym
  2. Rudy and Cheryl are donating their time to help interested people learn the rules of how to play “Pickleball”

If you would like to know more about or even just watch to find out what the game “Pickleball” is all about please join us this Wednesday. Paddles are provided.

More information can be obtained by phoning June Williams 519-763-9891 or Lois Howlett 519-763-0309.

Pickleball In Puslinch

Judy and Alan are waiting for the first serve.

Pickleball In Puslinch

Lots of players watching the games progress as they wait to play.

Pickleball In Puslinch

Gail is seeking clarification of the score from Rudy.

Pickleball In Puslinch

June serves, while her partner Howard readies himself for the return volley.

Pickleball In Puslinch

At the end of each game, players ( Jeanette, Raymond, Michael, and Jan (missing from picture) tap the ends of their paddles to symbolize good job done by all.

Pickleball In Puslinch

Jan waits for the ball to bounce (a rule) before she returns it to her opponents.