Updated: Ocean has been found!

Ocean has been found! Thanks everyone for all your help and support!

ocean - lost dog

She’s a new dog and does not know the area. She went missing around on December 25 around the Edinburgh and Stone area and was seen around Victoria and Gilmour around 10pm She was again spotted at the mini lakes residence in Puslinch around 10:30 and was seen heading down 34 towards Gordon. She was last seen around the Puslinch Community Centre.

Her name is Ocean and she’s a 4 yr old German shepherd. She had pups a bit more then a month ago and her mammary glands are still swollen and pretty noticeable. She has a pink collar on but no tags and a blue leash that she chewed up. She is microchipped but the information is out of date since we just got her.

She’s pretty timid/ shy towards people so if someone approaches her too much she will run. Instead just call her name and tell her to come and she should slowly come.

If you have any info please contact us HERE. Thank you.