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Puslinch Yesterday : Puslinch’s First Road Grader

oliver-monkhouse-1960s, Puslinch First Road Grader

I had the delight of spending a morning with Dave Sutton who reminisced about his career with the township. As we poured over the pictures he brought with him, he would often go off topic to tell me while smiling little background stories about events and different people he met. He would often remind me it was a different time compared to now. Especially with regards to experience needed, job description, liability factors, population density and knowledge of how to operate equipment. I was brought up to speed about the use of a wingman on a plough (I had no idea), Manual levers vs hydraulic system and the use of a one man snow plough operation.

This picture of Oliver Monkhouse (who was Dave’s great uncle) was taken in the mid 60’s. This was the first grader the township owned. It is a 1948 galion. The photo was snapped on the back road to the left of Aberfoyle Public School. This machine was used to grade the new gravel that was use every year to help elimate pot holes.