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Update On Status Of Hwy 6 Bypass

MTO Hwy 6 bypass map

Mayor Seeley posted the following update to help keep us informed of the current status of the bypass:

Hello everyone,

I understand the Morriston by-pass has been discussed on a couple local forums recently.

Let me update you to where we are.

Currently the Ministry is continuing with work in the sense of surveying, archeological, land purchases ext. This is a positive sign.

In January myself along with members of Puslinch Council and Mr. Arnott (MPP/Speaker of the House) were a delegate to Mr. Yurek and his staff specifically to this project.

Mr.Yurek was sympathetic to our situation however he stated that everything was under a “ line by line “ review.

Since that meeting they have continued the work that was in progress so let’s stay positive .

AMO ( Association of Municipalities of Ontario) is scheduled for the end of August. This is another opportunity for your Mayor and council to bring this project to the Ministers attention.

If there were a petition or some other form of public input that showed the importance of this by-pass I would gladly present it to the Minister in person ( assuming they approve our delegate request .

I will also contact the local business that built a business plan that really gave this momentum in the past and re-present it to the Minister as well ( as most of this was presented to a Liberal government).

As your Mayor I understand the importance of this project to the community of Morriston. I have lived in Morriston 35+ years, if anyone knows the importance I believe I do.

A quick google search of the MTO 5 year plan shows the by-pass on the plan currently. Its status is “planned” currently.


Thank you