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Mayor Seeley Updates Residents On Brock Road/Maltby Road Intersection

mayor james seeley
Hello everyone,

I would like to provide some background information in regards to my involvement with the Brock Rd/Maltby Rd intersection.

As most are aware I am employed as a Guelph FireFighter. For a year and a half I was posted to the station on Clair Rd. In my short posting to that station, I responded to numerous serious accidents and one fatality at that intersection.

Approximately a month before taking office, ALL of the fire Chiefs and their assistant held a “Monday” morning meeting at the Clair Rd Fire Station. I took this opportunity to raise my concerns about the frequency and severity of the accidents. I proposed contacting Public works with a request for a flashing light above the stop sign and possibly rumble strips ( the majority of the causes of the accidents is failure to Stop heading East on Maltby, and since it is paved now the speeds are increasing ).

Fast forward six months and I have yet to see or hear of any changes. As I am a member of the Roads committee at the County and this is a County road, I spoke with Mr.Kudo (County Engineer) about my concerns and the proper procedure to bring it to committee. Mr. Kudo suggested he could reach out to the City of Guelph.

After hearing about the latest accident I emailed Mr Kudo for which he provided the following response.


I did discuss the matter with the City Engineer in mid June. I have followed up with her today to advise on the results of their review and any actions to be undertaken. She is currently on vacation but I have asked the Acting City Engineer to check in with the City’s traffic staff. Will let you know what I find out.

Don Kudo, P. Eng.

County Engineer

County of Wellington”

I am hopeful that the review undertaken by the City comes back with some recommendations to help prevent these serious accidents.

I will post an update as soon as Mr Kudo informs me of the results of the review.