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Praise For St. Joseph’s Health Centre

st. joseph's outside

Dear Editor:

I have been in other care and rehabilitation facilities in Ontario.

Then there is St. Joseph’s Health Centre Guelph, where the kindness, compassion, dedication, respect, care to every detail and professionalism on all levels is beyond what I have ever experienced. Where you will see the gardeners out in the early morning hours each day, working endless hours to maintain the magnificent and stunning grounds. To sit in these gardens feels like you are in a resort.

As a patient I became part of an amazing family. That cleans your room spotless each and every day. Where the nurses and doctor treat you with the ultimate dignity and as human being and not as a number on your bracelet. I looked forward going into the dining room, where they serve you food that tastes like home cooked meals for every breakfast, lunch and dinner.

All of us who live in this area should be so grateful that we have St. Joseph’s in our community. We should not take it for granted. Support them to the best of your ability or in any way you can.

With much appreciation and thanks to St. Joseph’s for healing me.

William Knetsch,


st. josephs

st. josephs

st. josephs

st. josephs