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History Corner: Sons Of Mary McGeachy And Andrew Scott

Andrew Scott and his wife, Mary McGeachy (pronounced Mc Gě key) moved to Badenoch from East Flamborough c.1892. In the following years the couple had eight children, all of them sons.

The sons were:
William “Bill” (1893); John “Johnny” (1895); Edward “Ed” (1896); (1898); Donald (1899); Archibald “Archie” (1900); James “Jimmy” (1902; and Hugh (1904).

A neighbour remarked to Andrew that is must be good to have all those sons to help him. Andew replied, “Well, when you have one boy, you have a boy. When you have two boys, you have half a boy. And when you have three boys, you have no boys at all.”

Another commented to one of the youngsters, “Eight boys! Who are you all going to marry?” To which the boy responded, “ Oh, there is a family of nine girls down the road.” As it turned out, one of Andrew and Mary Scott’s sons, Bill, did marry a daughter of the Bob and Maggie Clark family of nine daughters – Janet.

– Photo courtesy of Marion Gordon & Joan McCabe & the Puslinch Historical Society.