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U of G Offers Apology And Support To Those Affected By Former Coach

The University of Guelph has published a statement regarding the ‘treatment of our student athletes by one of our former coaches, David Scott-Thomas’.

Dave Scott-Thomas. USPORTS photo

The Globe and Mail published a deeply troubling article today about the treatment of our student athletes by one of our former coaches, David Scott-Thomas. The behavior of Scott-Thomas is both shocking and disturbing. The University extends its apologies to all athletes, students and co-workers who experienced this behavior.

In recent months, the University has started the process of making personal and public apologies and offered support to those who endured suffering and hardship, and we will continue to reach out to and help former and current athletes.

The current administration is deeply troubled by the contents and details of the article, many of which were unknown until now. Once the University learned new information about the behaviour of Scott-Thomas in December, we took immediate action, terminating our relationship with him Dec. 16. Had the University been aware of this information previously, it would have terminated its relationship with Scott-Thomas earlier.

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