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Wellington County And All Seven Municipalities Declare Emergencies

Wellington County

Today, at 2:00 pm, The County of Wellington and all seven of
its member municipalities declared emergencies in accordance with the Emergency
Management and Civil Protection Act, 1990, as a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The declaration was made for the following reasons:

  • A declaration of emergency provides the Head of Council the authority to take
    actions or make orders, which are not contrary to law, in order to protect the
    inhabitants in the area of the emergency;
  • If volunteers are being employed by the municipality in support of the emergency, it
    can provide those volunteers with WSIB protection; or
  • It can demonstrate to their residents that the municipality is taking the current
    situation seriously, and is taking every step that they can to protect them from the

“This afternoon, the County of Wellington and all seven Mayors made the mutual decision to
declare emergencies in response to the COVID-19 global pandemic,” said Warden Kelly
Linton. “With the recent confirmation of a COVID-19 case in the County, and evidence that
the virus is circulating unknowingly within our community, we are taking this public health
situation seriously. We need to make some difficult decisions moving forward to continue to
effectively and efficiently respond to the situation in all of our municipalities. The health and
safety of all of our residents is our top priority.”

The County of Wellington and all seven member municipalities will continue to monitor the
situation closely and we will be making all appropriate changes as necessary. For the most
up to date County information, please visit: www.wellington.ca or check our social media

For additional information on COVID-19, and how to protect yourself, please visit