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Wellington County Solid Waste Services Update


The County of Wellington has implemented proactive measures to limit
further transmission of the COVID-19 virus. As a result, all County Waste Facilities have been closed to the public until further notice.

All County of Wellington residents are asked to use the curbside collection services for their
residential waste needs. Curbside collection will continue to occur on its regularly scheduled day.
If circumstances change, the County will share that information through social media. If you are
unsure of your collection day, please refer to your Solid Waste Services (SWS) Information
Calendar, which is also available online at www.wellington.ca/swsnews.

Curbside Collection Guidelines and Considerations:

  • Garbage should be placed out by 7:00 am to ensure it is collected.
  • Garbage must be in a County-issued User Pay garbage bag to be collected. A list of User Pay bag distributors is available at www.wellington.ca/wasteinfo.
  • Recyclables should be sorted into two streams – one for paper, and one for containers.
  • Cardboard should be bundled, no greater than 60 cm x 60 cm x 30 cm (2’x2’x1’), and placed
    beside your blue boxes.
  • User Pay garbage bags, blue boxes, and cardboard bundles are limited to 18 kg (40 lbs) each.
  • You may use a garbage can to keep animals out of your garbage when placing it at the curb.
    Please place only one User Pay garbage bag in each can.
  • The County’s curbside collection contractor is working hard to maintain waste removal services for all residents. Please refrain from placing extra waste at the curbside at this time so we can pick up everyone’s waste. Spring clean-up waste should be stored or these activities deferred.
  • Please consider composting food and yard waste. Visit www.wellington.ca/compost to find
    resources to help you get started.
  • Residents who have waste disposal needs beyond standard bagged waste are asked to contact a
    commercial bin hauling company.

The Solid Waste Services Division also understands that you may accumulate extra recyclables as you
spend more time at home. If you find your recyclables will not all fit in your blue boxes, we will collect from alternate rigid containers until further notice. We are not able to collect recyclables placed in bags.

“We are monitoring the challenges residents face with respect to changed waste management
service levels,” said Das Soligo, Manager of Solid Waste Services. “The main reason that we are
continuing to use the yellow user pay bags to is to ensure that we are able to collect the
increased volume of waste from our residents across the entire county.”

Residents with questions or concerns can contact Solid Waste Services at 519.837.2601 or
[email protected].