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75 Years Ago Canadian Soldiers Helped To Liberate The Netherlands

Canadian troops during the celebrations in Holland, 1945 (courtesy DND/PA-146284).

This week 75 years ago Canadian soldiers liberated the Netherlands. More than 7,600 Canadian soldiers laid down their lives to free the Country of my birth.

My own mother was suffering from malnutrition and would not have survived another six month of Nazi occupation. Canadians saved her life and the rest of the Dutch people. Growing up as a child in the Netherlands Canadians were and still to this day are revered as true heroes. The Dutch will never forget.

My father was a skilled tradesman, countries like New Zealand, Australia, United States and Canada placed full page ads in news papers to entice skilled workers to come to these countries in the mid 1960’s. My parents decided to immigrate to Canada mainly because the Canadians saved our families from certain death. My parents embraced this Country and were so proud to live here and fulfill their dreams.

If it were not for these brave Canadian soldiers 75 years ago I would not be alive today to write this letter of deep heartfelt thanks.

William Knetsch