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Fibre Internet Service Coming To Parts Of Puslinch



Standard Broadband is excited to announce an investment of over $2.5M in private funding to bring state of the art fibre optic infrastructure into rural Puslinch. Over 1000 homes and businesses in the Township of Puslinch that currently have limited access to High-Speed Internet services will soon have fibre optic internet service available to them with the expansion of Standard Broadband’s fibre to the home network.

The project will begin in early August 2020 and will see service available as construction completes on a street by street basis with the first connections available as early as mid-September. The all fibre network will provide High-Speed Internet with speeds of up to 1000Mbps, next generation IPTV and digital phone services.

For more details on Standard Broadband’s initial service area please see the map located on their website at https://standardbroadband.ca/puslinch-ftth-project/.

“We are excited to build out our Fibre To The Home network in the township. The demand for High-Speed Internet is constantly increasing and with the changes taking place in the world today that demand will continue. Bringing fibre to the community ensures future speed requirements can easily be met.” said Tom Williams, President and CEO of Standard Broadband.

The Mayor of Puslinch Township, James Seeley is very happy to learn of this investment in the community.  “We’re excited to know that Standard Broadband has chosen to extend their fibre network into Puslinch.  This is a big deal for many Puslinch households, and it’s especially significant that the investment is being made now, at a time when people are relying so much on their internet for work and study.”

Glenn James, the chair of the community led Puslinch Highspeed Internet Initiative is also very excited.  “This is a sizable private investment in highspeed internet for a good chunk of Puslinch.  The fact that it’s fiber optic and not wireless internet means that the service will be much higher quality than almost all of the affected households currently have.  And, the new fibre runs mean that there is opportunity for future expansion.  The size of this investment by Standard Broadband is exceptional and we can’t wait for the completion of this project over the next several months.  The fact that it’s privately funded means that this project is happening much quicker than it would have otherwise.”