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Green Bin And More Frequent Recycling Pickup To Begin Next Week

Green bins have been delivered to eligible households across Wellington County,
and the highly anticipated curbside collection service will begin on July 7.

The new curbside collection programme will have:

  • Standardized collection frequency for both urban and rural households.
  • Materials collected on both sides of all roads (in driveway).
  • Recyclables and organics collected weekly.
  • User pay garbage bags collected every other week.
  • Seasonal leaf and yard waste collection provided in urban areas.

“The County of Wellington is committed to environmental excellence. The new curbside collection and green bin programme demonstrate that commitment,” said Warden Kelly Linton.

The green bin programme will divert an estimated 2,000 tonnes of food and organic waste from the County’s landfill site annually, which will extend the life of our landfill site. Across the Province of Ontario, there is only 14 years of landfill capacity left, and no new landfills have been developed in the past 20 years.

“These collection programme changes will help us divert even more waste from landfill,” commented Solid
Waste Services (SWS) Chair Gregg Davidson. “Our landfill site is a valuable asset, and every year we can extend the life of our one and only landfill site is a benefit to all of our residents.”

More information about the green bin programme is available at www.wellington.ca/greenbin. The public may also contact the SWS Division at 519.837.2601 or [email protected].

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