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Puslinch Adds Exceptions To Ongoing Fire Ban


Open-Air Fire Ban still in effect – with the exception of recreational use campfires or cooking fires

Effective Tuesday July 14th, 2020, the Township of Puslinch is allowing recreational
use camp/cooking fires during the current declared Open-Air Fire Ban in the municipality of
Puslinch. This is due to the rainfall and cooler temperatures that have occurred during the past
few days. The forecasted lack of significant rainfall and continued hot and dry conditions
constitute for the other restrictions of a fire ban to remain in place. There will be no other
open-air burning permitted in the Township of Puslinch until further notice.

All open-air fires are prohibited during a fire ban, including those properties that have a current
2020 Open-Air Burn Permit. This ban applies to fires set in open air, other than camp/cooking
fires that comply with the restrictions of the Township’s Open-Air Burning by-law #45/14. Those
found to be in violation of the fire ban will be charged a fee, as stated in by-law #069-2019 for
Fire Department response as it relates to this infraction.
Please refer to www.puslinch.ca for any future updates.