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I Live On Swastika Trail. I’ve Been Trying To Change Its Name For Years.

via huffingtonpost.ca


I am tired of the dirty looks I receive when I show the pharmacist my ID. I hate hearing the awkward jokes when I give the bank teller my address. Some companies refuse to deliver packages to my house. When I tell strangers where I live, I am asked if I am a white supremacist.

I am not a racist, I swear. But how do you explain an address on Swastika Trail, as I have been forced to for nearly two decades?

I know the swastika is an ancient religious symbol still in use in some places and religions. Nevertheless, the racist and mass-murdering Nazi regime with which the swastika is now inextricably tied makes it inappropriate, insensitive and downright disgraceful to use for a street name in post-Second World War Canada…

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