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New Programs On Sunrise’s 100 Acre Farm Starting In September 2020

Sunrise is excited to announce new programs especially suited to these challenging COVID times.

Little Breeches Club (ages 4-7) & Mini Moments (ages 7-11) will be offered on weekdays and Saturdays for children to run and play in Sunrise’s wide open spaces. These programs work with Sunrise miniature horses Sundance, Faline and Buddy on the ground, teaching horse skills and allowing children to learn how to communicate, bond, and work effectively as a team even in these socially distant times. A maximum of 6 children will enjoy the therapeutic benefits of being with animals and nature and share the experience with their peers. For children with or without a diagnosis, these programs will be provided by Lydia Prabucki, CanTRA Instructor and Sunrise’s Inclusive Recreation Coordinator.

Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) is an empowering method used to develop effective personal development through the use of the horse. This fun new program of unmounted activities is for young people (12+) and adults. Those in their own social “bubble” such as Family Groups, Ladies Night, Youth Leadership, Sports Teams, and Corporate Groups will all enjoy some fun “on the ground” activities with the horses that teach team building, communication and leadership skills in a light-hearted, stimulating and safe environment. Suzy Bender, EC Coach 1, CanTRA Coach, and a Certified EAL Facilitator, will lead this program together with trained Sunrise staff.

Sunrise’s large arena and dedicated program spaces ensure adherence to COVID-19 protocols including physical distancing.