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Hydro Rates Went Up November 1st

A report from Global News on this price change can be viewed by clicking HERE.

To support the Government of Ontario’s direction to allow customers to opt out of Time-of-Use (TOU) pricing, Hydro One has launched an online portal to make it easy for customers who want to make the switch to tiered pricing. No action is needed by customers who want to remain on TOU pricing. To switch to tiered pricing, Hydro One customers can fill out a form at hydroone.com/customerchoice.

“Hydro One will always stand with customers and communities and we are pleased to offer and support choice,” said Mark Poweska, President and CEO, Hydro One. “We will also continue to provide support to those who are struggling during this difficult time through our pandemic relief fund, which offers financial assistance and flexibility.”

Research conducted by Innovative Research Group on behalf of Hydro One shows that 64 per cent of electricity customers want the ability to choose their pricing plan. Research also showed that 52 per cent of customers in Ontario do not want to be automatically transitioned to a new pricing structure – they want to be provided with the option to choose for themselves.

As part of its commitment to being a trusted energy advisor, Hydro One is assisting customers with making an informed decision. The company has provided a calculator on its website to help customers choose which pricing plan best suits their lifestyle.

Hydro One customers can monitor their electricity use through the company’s MyAccount portal. The company also provides flexibility and assistance in managing household budgets by providing customers the ability to choose their own billing due date and flatten usage spikes from temperature fluctuations through balanced billing. Hydro One remains committed to supporting customers through its Pandemic Relief Fund that offers payment flexibility and financial assistance.

For further information: www.HydroOne.com, facebook.com/hydrooneofficial, twitter.com/hydroone and instagram.com/hydrooneofficial