Message From Mayor Seeley On Proposed Tax Increase

Hello Everyone,

I would like to explain the articles on local internet media.

Yes the proposed total budget is sitting at 5.75%. However don’t fire all of Council just yet.

The process of building the budget is a very lengthy one with many components.

Things that drive the budget include items we have no or very little control over such as Legislated requirement to pay.

Our Neighbour to the North is planning a railway crossing upgrade on Hume Rd for their, for profit railroad.
Federal laws mandate we pay half of that cost which is $80000, that alone could result in 2% of the 5.75 and is included in the proposed budget. We as Council have approached Guelph to reconsider this amount.

Other components of the budget that are unknown include, If we have a surplus for 2020 or a deficit. A surplus results when the staff don’t utilize all of the money in their budgets. An example would be when gas prices drop significantly and money is remaining.

The Township then uses this money to fund the plan that outlines when our bridges, roads culverts buildings need to be repaired. Doing it this way helps all Councils keep tax increases level and consistent as possible.

The numbers for assessment growth, new homes ,our surplus, our lost revenues due to COVID and our extra cost to COVID are not available as of yet.

Council is on schedule for a typical budget season.

What we have done so far is consider components of the budget that we do have control of.

One of those items is $114000k to a reserve to create a gravel roads improvement/paving program.
As far as I am concerned Council committed to that program and we will continue to fund the program.

Let’s talk about the 5.75 %. This is NOT 5.75% of your total tax bill. I’ll us an example to explain.

If your taxes are $6000, 60% is Wellington County, 20% Provincial for education and 20% for Puslinch Township ( we are actually around 17.5% , I’m using 20% because it fluctuates and makes it easier math).

Let talk about the 20% Puslinch influences. 20% of the 6000 Jill pay’s in taxes is $1200. If we pass the budget tomorrow ( Which we are not for the record ), 5.75% increase that we are proposing will equate to $70 dollars on the year. This $70 dollar increase maintains all the levels of service you’re used to, continues the funding for paving new roads, plowing and covers needed administrative costs.

Until Council has all the numbers available to them to finish building the budget puzzle.

To figure out your own amount paid to Puslinch simply take your total taxes paid x 20% x 0.0575 and that will get you close how our increase will affect your annual tax bill.

I hope this helps clarify where the budget is currently sitting.

As always I am available at [email protected] or 519-400-7984