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Ran Zhu – Your Green Candidate For Wellington-Halton Hills

PuslinchToday has offered space free of charge for all federal party candidates to introduce themselves to our community. This article has been posted unedited, exactly as received from the candidate. One article will be posted per weekday from Sept 9th through Sept 15th.

Ran Zhu, Green Party Candidate

My name is Ran Zhu.

“Zhu” pronounced “drew”.

Born in China, I emigrated to Canada with my family at age eight and originally settled in
Guelph, Ontario. I am a long-time member of the community and am ready to put
Wellington-Halton Hills on the map.

I entered politics in high school through a co-op position at the Green Party of Ontario, having
been inspired in childhood by the very idea of democracy.

After graduating from York University with a double major in Economics and Theatre, I started
working with Liberal Parliamentary Assistant for Infrastructure, Bob Delaney, in the Ontario

From the 2018 provincial election onwards, I started working as the Constituency Coordinator
for Mike Schreiner, MPP for Guelph and the leader of the Green Party of Ontario. I’ve witnessed
firsthand that not only is change needed in our government and how we do politics – it’s
possible and I’ve been part of it.

Being Asian and gay has taught me the importance of diversity.

My lived experiences in Canada have led me to care deeply about human rights, social justice,
and the political system. I am personally committed to creating a country that is safe, inclusive,
and equitable for all.

I am an active environmentalist with a powerful commitment to the mission and values of the
Green Party. While our office passed the first Green bill in Ontario’s history (Bill 123) and moved
another environmental bill to second reading (Bill 71), I also consult on public transit issues
through a committee appointment at the City of Guelph and have worked in the renewable
energy sector.

When I’m not working, I’m either writing, or hiking and biking my way through our community’s
green spaces.

I am currently completing my Master’s Degree in Energy Policy remotely to further become
more well-versed in public policy.

I hope to give my experiences back to the community. A vote for me is a chance for me to vote
for you in our Parliament.

The time is now to challenge the status quo. The global pandemic and the growing climate
emergency continue to amplify inequalities and highlight the urgent need for change. I am hereto listen to you, to hear your concerns, and advocate for solutions to the issues our community
is facing. I am running on three priorities:


The climate emergency requires immediate responses. Let’s move forward with the Green Party
of Canada’s Green Climate Action Plan, Mission: Possible and Halton Hill’s goals to become net
zero by 2030. I fully support efforts in WHH to protect drinking water, advance soil health, and
protect biodiversity.


Having a place to live shouldn’t be so difficult. I support the financing of non-profit housing and
cooperatives to build and restore quality, energy efficient housing for seniors, people with
special needs and low-income families. Housing at optimal densities will facilitate resilient
communities without more development on farmland.


Advocacy will begin in the campaign and then at my local constituency office. To break the
stereotype of politicians, I am accessible to you to hear stories directly and to bring your voice to
Ottawa. I will do politics to serve. I am held accountable to my constituents, not to the caucus –
my actions and my vote will always reflect that of the people who I represent.

If you have any questions about my views or simply want to reach out, you can email me at
[email protected]. I look forward to a positive, honest election.