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Sunrise Mystery Car Rally

sunrise car rally

The first annual Sunrise Mystery Car Rally fundraiser took place on Sunday, October 3 and 

despite challenging wet weather the event was a great success raising  $14,500  to 

support empowering programs for vulnerable children and adults with special needs.

Sincere appreciation is expressed to major donors Larry Cross (Cambridge) Jim Kelly of 

Capital Paving, all the participants who collected pledges, and to the Sunrise supporters 

who sent in  donations.

Due to COVID protocols the date for this event had to be rescheduled twice and this meant 

that several of the original registrants were unable to attend, but those that did had so much

 fun that they are already planning for next year’s event. All prizes were donated by local 

businesses and individual Sunrise supporters. A complete list will appear on the Sunrise 

website and in the Christmas newsletter. We are most grateful for the outpouring of support

 for our young people during this challenging time for everyone.

sunrise car rally