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County Council Approves Road Master Action Plan

Wellington County

At the January 27th County Council meeting, the County of Wellington’s Road
Master Action Plan (RMAP) report was presented and approved. The RMAP provides a long term plan for County roads and identifies the transportation network improvements required
to accommodate the County’s population and employment growth over the next 20 years.

The RMAP study, conducted by Dillon Consulting throughout 2021, was guided by the vision of
finding effective ways to connect people and goods across the County safely, conveniently,
efficiently, and sustainably. The RMAP examined current traffic, safety, and speed management
issues across the County road network, and prioritized a list of improvements to be funded
through development and the existing tax base in the years to come.

Public engagement was a major component of the RMAP, and members of the public were
encouraged to participate in a series of online surveys, mapping activities, and virtual
community and committee meetings.

“The community really helped shape this study,” said Warden Kelly Linton. “Participation from
the public was critical to the success of the RMAP, and we’d like to thank all the residents and
municipal stakeholders who collaborated and took the time to provide key insights and local
context to help develop this Plan for a safe and efficient County Road network.”

Council approval of the RMAP will allow County staff to inform other County studies, budgets,
and initiatives and proceed with future detailed project review, analysis and consultation. A
monitoring plan has been recommended, which includes the Plan be reviewed every five years
and be updated as needed, based on changing transportation growth projections, industry and
community changes, and new technology initiatives.

“The RMAP combined an incredible amount of data and technical analysis with community
input to create a multi-faceted plan that helps to address many of our current needs of
speeding and safety” commented Roads Committee Chair, Councillor Andy Lennox. “The RMAP
is incredibly valuable, and will undoubtedly be used to inform future decisions on how we use
our roads and connect our communities.”

For more information on the County’s Road Master Action Plan, and to read the full report, visit