Congratulations June! Volunteer Of The Year!

volunteer of the year - Puslinch

There was a special surprise waiting at the Optimist Recreation Centre for a pickleball player on Wednesday, April 20th . It was very appropriate to hear the satisfying whack of a paddle in the background waiting for her to arrive. After all, she was one of two people who were instrumental in getting the three times a week event to happen. Many players pretended not to notice when Mayor Seeley and Councillor Goyda arrived to present the award for “Volunteer of the Year”. June arrived shortly after and was shocked to see the Mayor and a Councillor waiting for her.

As some of you may know this award has been handed out by the township to a deserving volunteer since 2014, before that it was arranged by the County. The recipient must demonstrate a generosity of his/her time, make an extraordinary contribution to the community, be an inspiration to others and/or champion an issue. The spirit of giving is definitely part of June’s mission as she has been heavily involved with many fund raisers for Duff’s church, helped with The Aberfoyle Agricultural Society’s fair, a huge supporter of the annual Optimist Santa Claus parade (and other optimist events) and stepped up to help organize and start the Pickleball club of Puslinch. In her acceptance speech she stated, “helping others have fun is definitely something she has always liked to do, as putting a smile on someone’s face is all the satisfaction she needs.”

By Margaret Hauwert

volunteer of the year - Puslinch

volunteer of the year - Puslinch

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