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Puslinch And Centre Wellington To Share Fire Chief


Both Council of the Township of Centre Wellington and the Township of Puslinch
have authorized an Agreement for Shared Fire Chief Services. This agreement will see Centre Wellington’s Fire
Rescue Chief Tom Mulvey, act as the Fire Chief for both Centre Wellington and Puslinch’s fire services.

“This is an exciting partnership between two Wellington County municipalities that will benefit both Centre
Wellington & Puslinch.” said Mayor Kelly Linton, Township of Centre Wellington. “We have an outstanding Fire
Chief, and his expertise will be beneficial for Puslinch as well as a valuable development opportunity for our
two Deputy Fire Chiefs. Centre Wellington residents will see no reduction in services because of this mutually
beneficial partnership.”

“On behalf of Puslinch Council I would like to express our excitement for the Fire Chief Shared Services
Agreement, and a sincere thank you to Centre Wellington Council for supporting this partnership” said
Township of Puslinch Mayor James Seeley. “Partnerships such as this are a great way to share resources, skills
and experience and for the long-term benefit of both communities. The Puslinch Fire and Rescue Services are
a proud and important part of our community, now, and into the future. We whole heartily welcome Chief
Mulvey to our team.”

Centre Wellington Fire Rescue is a division with five full time staff including the Fire Chief, that support and
perform duties for Centre Wellington. The approved agreement outlines the Fire Services that Centre
Wellington will provide to Puslinch and is set up as a 1.5-year term (pilot), with the opportunity to continue for an additional three years if the pilot is successful.