Puslinch Council Approves 2023 Budget

Puslinch Logo The Council of the Township of Puslinch approved its 2023 Operating and Capital Budget with a 4.50% tax increase. For the typical Puslinch residence assessed at $610,000, the increase represents a $48 annual increase for the Township portion of the property tax bill. The increase per $100,000 of residential assessment value is approximately $8 annually for the Township portion of the property tax bill.

Taking into account the County of Wellington’s 2023 Budget and the 2023 Education Tax Rate, the blended tax impact for the typical Puslinch residence assessed at $610,000 is 4.04% or $236 annually. The blended tax increase per $100,000 of residential assessment value is approximately $39 annually.

“Puslinch Council has passed a responsible budget that continues to focus on our key priorities during a very challenging period. It is extraordinary that the annual increase to residents is only $48 taking into account the significant inflationary trends and the numerous improvements this budget provides including expanded services and significant investments in infrastructure.” commented Mayor Seeley.

2023 Budget Highlights

  • Increase in operating costs due to significant inflationary trends including increases in the Ontario Minimum Wage, mandatory employee benefits, fuel, calcium, winter maintenance, and insurance premiums.
  • Increase in operating costs due to enhanced service levels related to the addition of a full‐time equipment operator and a health and safety shared service agreement.
  • Increase in operating and capital costs related to the implications of Bill 23 including Heritage Act designations and amendments required to Township by‐laws and policies.
  • Contributions of $1,767,342 into Discretionary Reserves for future projects and equipment including contributions of $270,800 for future gravel road improvements.
  • $2,666,420 invested in roads, bridges culverts, and storm water management facilities to maintain a safe and efficient transportation network across the Township.
    • Improvements to Leslie Road West, Kerr Crescent Stormwater Management Facility, Puslinch Lake Pedestrian Access and Signage, Little’s Bridge, Concession 7, Maltby Road East, and Roszell Road
  • Enhancements to Township parks and facilities.
    • LED lighting upgrades at Township facilities, Line Painting and Floor Refinishing at the Optimist Recreation Centre, Replacement of Ceiling Components at the Puslinch Community Centre, Parking Lot and Associated Enhancements at the front of the Puslinch Community Centre, Playground upgrades at Boreham Park, Replacement of Old Morriston Bleachers, and Municipal Office upgrades.
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