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Puslinch Discontinues Shop Local Gift Certificate Program

The Township of Puslinch’s Shop Local Puslinch Gift Certificate Program will come to an end
effective April 1, 2023. The decision was made after careful consideration and a review of the program’s
underutilization in 2021 and 2022. This underutilization is consistent with the Township’s other
municipal partners who have concluded or are in the process of concluding the program as well.

The Shop Local Puslinch Gift Certificate Program was implemented in July 2020 in partnership with
Wellington‐Waterloo Community Futures to support local businesses in the Township during the COVID‐
19 Pandemic. The program allowed residents to purchase gift certificates on shoplocalpuslinch.ca that
could be used at participating businesses within the Township. This initiative was an excellent initiative
in providing support and benefits to local businesses during very difficult times, but it appears to have
run its course at the Township due to its underutilization.

“While the Shop Local Puslinch Gift Certificate Program was a great initiative to support our local
businesses through the COVID‐19 Pandemic, unfortunately it did not meet our expectations in terms of
long term participation and usage,” said Mayor James Seeley. “We appreciate the support that residents
have provided to our local businesses and encourage them to continue to support them by shopping

Residents who have already purchased gift certificates can continue to use them at participating
businesses until the expiration date. The Township of Puslinch will be reaching out to participating
businesses to provide guidance on how to handle any outstanding gift certificates.

The Township of Puslinch is committed to supporting local businesses and will continue to explore ways
to promote and support them.