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Community Member Concerned About Rezoning Of 128 Brock Road South

This is a letter I sent to Derek Koza, President & CEO of Wellington Motor Freight:

Mr. Derek Koza\President & CEO

Wellington Motor Freight

7419 McLean Rd. W

N1H 6H9

Dear Mr. Koza:

I am a long time resident of Aberfoyle Meadows. Our residential community is in very close proximity to
where you are attempting, via rezoning, to relocate your trucking company. 
To say your potential relocation has put our community in a tailspin would be an understatement.  

Our residents have made Aberfoyle Meadows their forever homes, many with their families and many
retired here. They chose it for its natural beauty, acres of walking trails, beautiful trees, wildlife and a
serene quietness that attracted us all to this little community.  It is a sought after neighbourhood with
very few homes coming up for sale.  We know a good thing when we have it!

With all that said, we stand to lose much of what we value if you are successful in relocating your
company to the land adjacent to our community. When we bought here, we did so with the adjacent
land south of Gilmour zoned residential. It was rezoned to light commercial a number of years back with
the worse case scenario of some small businesses supporting our community needs.  We strongly
oppose it being rezoned again to bring in a large trucking firm such as Wellington Trucking. 

In the recent Puslinch Council meeting you said “if we are not wanted here, we will relocate”.  
Please don’t take this personally, but we would like to hold you to your statement and beg you to find
another location for your company.  It seems to me that finding a piece of land that doesn’t pose a
detrimental impact to the residents and the surrounding area would be a lot easier and less costly on
your part.  

We have too much to lose and will fight with everything we have to keep our community and
surrounding area untouched by water contamination, air pollution, sound pollution, traffic congestion,
and last but not least the devaluation of our homes.
Please reconsider.  We would be forever grateful.


J. Young

Meadows of Aberfoyle