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Put Me In Coach!


Puslinch Prowlers Softball U11 teams seasons are about to begin! 2023 is here and Puslinch Softball is back in full force. Come out and support our local teams at the newly furbished diamond in Old Morriston. Thank you, Puslinch Township! The flagship of Puslinch Softball, the 10 and 11 year olds, are sporting three teams representing the township this year. Prowlers Black, Green and Grey, make up almost 1/3 of The Inter County Softball League. We are Puslinch! Is very prevalent. With the majority of the players from Puslinch, ball hasn’t been this strong in years! Puslinch Black will host Puslinch Grey on Tuesday, May 23 at Old Morriston Ball Diamond at 6:30 PM to kick off the season in Puslinch. Puslinch Grey has a big week this week as they have their second game away in Alma on Thursday the 25th. Puslinch Green opens their season up the following Monday on May 29 at Old Morriston, 6:30pm, as they host Puslinch Grey. And then Puslinch Black takes on Puslinch Green on the 30th before all three Puslinch teams turn their attention towards other townships to start June.

Puslinch Black brings back a good core of returning players. Led by a strong pitching staff of Trent (Big Country) Lawler, Henry Ervin and Chase Tuck, they are anchored down by one of the leaders of the team Zack Lang as their catcher. Beckett Villeneuve and Elyse Dodds help secure the team with their veteran presence, to steer this team to the top of Inter County Softball standings.

Puslinch Green has had to replace some core members from the 2022 team. They’ve done so by creating a very strong offensive team. A lot of eyes will be on the rookies of this team, as they’ve shown brilliant flashes of strength at spring training. Soyer Tschanz, Andrew Robinson, Bryson DiMatteo, Thomas Koop, and Willem Weigh, have been phenomenal to watch in the early part of this spring! This team will also rely on some experience veterans in Patrick (The Hammer) Seeley, Garrett Devries, and Rowan Garon Nielsen to lead the way! Don’t think you want to get in a battle of runs against this team! You better bring your “A” game defensively when you play this team as they will be pushing for the top of the standings as well!

The new team to this division, which has a lot of veteran players from last years other two teams, is going to be very exciting to watch as they have a well rounded team with a lot of potential! This team will be strong, defensively, and offensively on the diamond. With a veteran presence of pitching and catching, this team will be hard to beat. Mason Hunt and Cody Mackneer will lead their pitching staff, and is as consistent of a twosome as you can get! They will be in great hands with catchers, Griffin Coburn and Ebaad (Happy Feet) Urrahman. Hattie Gilmour and Charlie McLaurin will help with their veteran presence to mold a couple of the rookie brothers, Jake and Noah Ingram. This team will help push all three teams to the top of the league, as Puslinch aims to fill all three top spots in the league this year! Who finishes ahead of who, is anyone’s guess!

Please come out and support our great teams this year! All three teams play all their home games at The Newly Furbished Old Moriston Ball Diamond with 6:30 PM start times. Puslinch Prowlers Green are on Monday nights, Puslinch Prowlers Black are on Tuesday nights and Puslinch Prowlers Grey are on Thursday nights. The kids would love the support of a full ball diamond with lots of fans which would bring back the days of excitement to Old Morriston Field!

Can’t wait to see everybody there!

Coach Cam