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U11 Puslinch Prowlers Green vs. Ponsonby Gold June 19

Monday night June 19 at 6:30 your U11 Puslinch Prowlers Green team faced The Ponsonby Gold team. The game started with Rowan Garon-Neilsen as pitcher and Soyer Tschanz as catcher. Rowan was pitching some great strikes which Ponsonby connected with their bats. We had some great plays in the field, but Ponsonby reached their 5 run max for the inning.

Harper Hohenadel was our lead off batter and got on base with great patience letting 4 balls go by her. Puslinch worked hard that inning but didn’t reach our 5 run max. Back to fielding, Patrick Seeley went in to pitch and again was throwing some great strikes and that Ponsonby team again connecting with their bats.

Now Puslinch is at the bat, bases loaded Garrett Devries up to bat. In comes a great pitch, Garrett doesn’t like it: Strike one. In comes another pitch, it’s a ball. Pitch number 3 comes in and Garrett gets a hold of it!! Grand Slam!!!!!!

Now Puslinch is back in the field with Andrew Robinson at the pitchers mound. Ponsonby has the bases loaded. Is Ponsonby be going to get back the runs that Garrett got Puslinch with his Grand Slam??? Andrew throws the pitch. The batter swings, it’s a pop fly. Willem Weigh catches it, Ponsonby runners haven’t tagged up so Will runs to second for out #2, then Willem throws it to third for out #3!! However… The Ponsonby Coach calls time and He and I go out to the plate to discuss what just happened.

Unfortunately, the ball hit the ground in front of the plate before the batter hit the ball which makes it a dead ball. So, our AMAZING triple play was all for not. But Man was I a proud coach seeing how the kids had the ball smarts to see Ponsonby hadn’t tagged up and go for extra outs!!!! Puslinch got 3 out with minimal runs scoring that inning.

We enter the last inning and its an open inning, which means each team can score up to 12 runs. The whole team is asking “are we winning?” I didn’t even know the score, but I always make them think we are losing and need to keep the other team from scoring and we need to score lots of runs!! Puslinch did just that. We kept Ponsonby to only scoring 1 run and we scored 7 runs for a come from behind win in the last inning!!

Some great hits came from Bryson Dimatteo, Henry Hocken and Archer Laird. Final score 16-14 for Puslinch Green!! Great game team, way to work hard right to the bitter end. This truly was a team effort!! Puslinch Green plays again June 26th vs. Alma at Old Morriston.