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Happy Canada Day For Puslinch U11 Softball Standings

  1. PUSLINCH BLACK. 7-0-0 = 14
  2. Ponsonby Gold. 5-4-0 = 10
  3. Minto. 4-3-1 = 9
  4. Ponsonby Green. 4-2-0 = 8
  5. PUSLINCH GREY. 4-3-0 = 8
  6. PUSLINCH GREEN. 3-4-0 = 6
  7. Drayton Moore. 1-4-1 = 3
  8. GrandValley 1-7-0 = 2
  9. Alma. 0-6-0 = 0

The resurgence of Puslinch softball is starting to be felt in the U11 standings. After the past week, where the three Puslinch teams went three and one, they have woken up at the midpoint of the season, being a huge presence in the league!

After a rocky start to the beginning of the year, Puslinch Green has moved out of the basement, with three straight wins, and now are knocking on the door and letting the teams above them know that they are coming! With the rise of newcomers, Soyer Tschantz, Andrew Robinson, Thomas Koop and Will Weigh, they are helping this, potential, deadly offense, come together with veterans Garrett Devries and Patrick Seeley. This team can go round for round offensively against anyone in the league. A 20-30 run night is not out of the question for this team. The Green Prowlers only sit two losses out of second place!

The emergence of the new U11 Puslinch Team, Grey, has been very entertaining to watch. Knocking off some of the big teams in the league and playing some of the other big teams very tough, has put this team in the conversation for contention at the top. Losing some close and tough matches this season, this team is not to be taken lightly. One of the only teams to go toe to toe with Puslinch Black, this is a team to be reckoned with! The leadership of Ebaad Urrahman , Mason Hunt, Griffin Coburn, Cody Mackneer, and Hattie Gilmour have helped expertly guide this new team. The emergence of Maxine Bough, a superstar in the making, and future leader, Colin Markle, makes this an exciting team to watch grow as the season goes on. Sitting only one loss out of second, this well rounded team, can be very scary down the stretch!!!

After finishing second last in 2022, The U11 Puslinch Prowlers Black team, has risen from the ashes! Posting a perfect 7-0 start to the season, this team finds new and creative ways to win every week. Tied 12-12 going into the last inning against Drayton/Moorefield, this week, the team exploded for nine runs, and decimated the hopes of a Drayton/Moorefield win! The experience of Henry Ervin, Elyse Dodds, Trent Lawler, and Zach Lang, has guided this team every step of the way. The other veterans on the team have also helped nurture the rookies Keegan Pace, Will Shepherd and Tim Ervin in their first years of ball. Last year, this team would lose games in the last inning or on last at bats, now, it is doing the opposite! Confidence and experience is changing the mindset of this team every week!

Some notable plays over the week; making his pitching debut for The Black, and having a very solid outing, congrats, Sam Jones! Smacking a mammoth home run this week for The Green, against Alma, was none other than Patrick “The Hammer” Seeley! And the new deadly pitching duo, for The Grey, Ebaad and Griffin, did an admirable job, facing off against Ponsonby Gold the other night!

The upcoming week could see a lot of movement in the standings! If, and it’s a big “IF”, all 3 Puslinch Teams go a perfect 4-0, ALL 3 Puslinch Teams could be in the mix for the top 3 spots in the league. Only time will tell if Puslinch U11 Teams can pull off The Trifecta in the second half of the season! Good Luck Prowlers and we will be watching you every step of the way!

What an incredible start to the 2023 season, keep those wheels turning Puslinch U11s, so fun to watch all of you growing!!!!