Rotary Speaks Out To Stop Human Trafficking

On Thursday July 27th at 9:00am members of the local “Rotary Eradicating Human Trafficking Committee” and fellow Rotarians along with Guelph Mayor Cam Guthrie and two City Councillors (Dominique O’Rourke and Ken Yee Chew, both from Ward 6), Luisa Krause from Elora House, Royal City Mission Pastor Kevin Coghill and concerned members of the community met to raise the EHT flag on the City Hall flagpole representing Guelph and local communities in solidarity against Human Trafficking in our area.

Mayor Cam Guthrie spoke out against this devastating crime and Luisa Krause spoke on behalf of girls and women who have been rescued from this overwhelming crime on our doorstep. She was also present to raise public awareness about thousands of those still trapped in this tidal wave crime of human trafficking sweeping across Canada and around the world.

The Rotary EHT committee members began a lawn sign campaign this month to help raise awareness and educate the public to coincide with International Human Trafficking Awareness Day. These lawn signs will appear again this fall for a defined period of time.

The committee is planning delegations to each township in Wellington County including the City of Guelph and Wellington County Council. The first township to receive a delegation was the Township of Puslinch due to their proximity to the 401 highway where young people are moved from vehicle to vehicle in many parking lots close to the highway on their way from London Ontario, another active hub, onwards to Toronto, Montreal and beyond.