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MPP Arnott proposes taking County’s Green Legacy Programme province-wide

Ted Arnott MPP
Ted Arnott MPP

(Wellington-Halton Hills) – Wellington County’s Green Legacy Programme is a model for the rest of

the province to follow, says Wellington-Halton Hills MPP Ted Arnott.

With Ontario’s 150th anniversary quickly approaching in 2017, Mr. Arnott, who addressed County

Council on June 25, is proposing that the Province of Ontario mark the occasion by following

Wellington County’s lead.

“What could the Province do to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of its’ birth?” Mr. Arnott asked

County Council. “They could follow the lead of the County of Wellington and take the Green Legacy

Program province-wide.”

“Imagine a province-wide effort to plant 150 million trees to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of

Ontario,” he said.

While Mr. Arnott admits that 150 million trees is an ambitious goal, he believes that it can be


“Could we do it? Could we actually plant 150 million trees in one year? My belief is we could, if the

lessons learned here in the County with Green Legacy were to be employed across the Province,”

he said.

“But not just the lessons learned. We’d also need the leadership, the community spirit, the

inspiration and excitement of a large, publicly-articulated goal, and the focus that County Council,

Staff, and volunteers have shown to make Green Legacy an ongoing, permanent program, and a

beacon of hope and leadership for humankind,” Mr. Arnott continued.

Established in 2004, Wellington County’s Green Legacy Programme plants 150,000 trees across the

County each year. It has grown into the largest municipal tree planting programme in North


“Wellington County should be proud of the success of the Green Legacy Programme,” Mr. Arnott

said afterward. “County Council and Staff deserve enormous credit for this remarkable


Ted Arnott, MPP

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