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ALERT: Black Bear Sighting in Puslinch

Black Bear

There has been a report of a black bear sighting in the area of Concession 11 between CR 34 and CR 36.

A neighbor walking their dog noticed claw marks on a tree and set up a night camera to capture images

of the animal. What the camera recorded was a black bear.

The Ministry of Natural Resources has been contacted and stated unless the animal is creating a

dangerous situation there is nothing that can be done.

Click here to find out more about protecting yourself from bears: Government of Ontario

[Note: the image of the black bear is NOT the bear mentioned in this article]


  1. I’m on Nicolas beaver Rd between 34 and 36 and I just heard some snarls growl and what sounded like dogs(coyotes) yelping there is a big open field behind the shop everyone In industrial park stay safe

  2. Black bears are typically shy, as long as people aren’t complete idiots and feed them or threaten them. Bear deaths are 100% due to human stupidity. Leave it alone.

  3. Glad to see the MNR has been called about this, hopefully everyone will leave the bear or bears alone, if not, could they at least be trapped and relocated rather than slaughtered? its not fair to wildlife to be slaughtered or have their habitat ruined for the sake of people.. We all can live on this planet together in harmony .

  4. They should give it a tranquilizer dart and move it to a less populated area or this bear will be doomed. Be proactive instead of reactive. Why wait until it comes too close to someone’s house?

  5. I wish I could upload the video of a massive bear running through the yard of my friends place in Sudbury yesterday. Hope this bear gets some help or is able to move back north on his own without a problem.

  6. Any further news with the bear? They come this way at least every 2-3 years. Keep your property free of any food or food/edible waste. MNR will do nothing as usual but will tel you to call 911 and they will inevitably kill the bear as they have no interest or inclination of saving any wild animal. People will be upset, the MNR will make more false promises and the cycle will continue. I hope he is never found.

  7. Please get the MNR in there to track and tranq the bear. We don’t need another death of one of Canada’s great animals. They can’t just keep killing them because they show up. It’s a great thing they’re here.


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