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GMC Sierra Stolen on Concession 1 Puslinch

Stolen GMC Sierra
Stolen GMC Sierra
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Early morning, Friday July 3, this truck was stolen from a property in the Concession 1 area in Puslinch. If you see this 2007 GMC Sierra Diesel 4×4 HD with the licence plate 309 3XB please call OPP in Rockwood at (519) 856-1506. [Do not approach yourself – stay safe and call the OPP]

I recall when we first moved to Puslinch our neighbours stopped by to welcome us to the neighbourhood. One of the first things she said was that everyone keeps an eye out for each other here. She mentioned that if she ever saw a moving van in our driveway that she would call the police. I appreciated knowing that and ever since I have been keen to be aware of my surroundings. Just recently I saw a man roaming in the woods next to our house. He had a knit cap and dark jacket on. And it wasn’t hunting season. Just the Monday before our neighbours down the road had been robbed, so I immediately called the police. They were here in minutes and sent three cars.

In the end it turned out it was my neighbour checking the property for trees that needed to be cut down! If only he hadn’t been wearing that hat. He has a beautiful silvery mane and I would have known it was him right away. I wasn’t going to take a chance and put myself in harm’s way especially in view of recent events in the neighbourhood. Better to be safe than sorry.

We have a good laugh over that and I think it will be a good yarn for years to come – but the moral of the story? It’s important to keep an eye out for unusual behaviour and call the police if you see something that isn’t quite right. Let them determine what needs to be done about keeping our neighbourhood safe from theft.

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