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Leader In Training Program at the Guelph Y

Guelph Y leadership

Calling all 13-17 year olds in the Township of Puslinch who may be looking to become a volunteer within a Day Camp setting or within the Puslinch Township during the school year with hockey, soccer or other youth events. The YMCA-YWCA is offering a one week session July 17-20 for youth ages 13-17 to gain the skill set to be leaders when working with Children and younger Youth. They will learn basic First Aid and CPR skills while also gaining their High Five – Principles of Healthy Child Development certification. This High Five certification is great to have when working with Children and in fact is required when applying to work with children here at the Guelph Y within our Day Camp programs.

Please go to www.guelphy.org today to register for this one week course or see our Member Services staff here at the Main Y on Woodland Glen Dr, here in Guelph to register in person.

After this one week course has successfully been completed, you will be invited to do a placement of your choice at any of our three Day Camps offered including the Puslinch Power Camp hosted at the Puslinch Community Centre/Rec Centre.

Your hours towards high school will be signed off on by the Guelph Y. If you choose to volunteer throughout the school year within the Puslinch Township and can show the Township you took this LIT course during the summer, the Township will also sign off on your volunteer hours. A certificate will be given to you upon successful completion of this one week course here at the Guelph Y. Please note that the Guelph Y reserves the right to not certify any participants who are not able to successfully complete this one week course and will not be invited to volunteer within our Day Camp programs.

For more information, please call Sarah Thomas at 519-824-5150 ext. 270. and download the full Y Brochure by clicking here.

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