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Puslinch okays Townline Road transfer despite objections

via Wellington Advertiser
via Wellington Advertiser

by Mike Robinson

ABERFOYLE – It was a packed chamber on July 15 as Puslinch Township councillors heard from both local and Cambridge (Hespeler) residents asking the township not to proceed with a proposed transfer of Townline Road to the city.

Most delegation members seemed to favour a line from a John Denver classic – “Country roads take me home” – when talking about Townline Road between Puslinch and Cambridge.

All those who spoke referenced a Puslinch Township report on the proposed transfer of the road from Wellington Road 34 to Roszell Road. The report recommended Puslinch council pass a bylaw to authorize the transfer of that portion of the road – but retain ownership of a one-foot section of the road along that stretch.

Puslinch also requested the city keep the township and its residents informed during the detailed design of Townline Road, adding the township does not support widening of the east side of the road…

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